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In 2004, Iverbe opened its doors as a summer camp in Culver City, CA at The Willows Community School. Brothers Brent and Marc Weiss wanted to create a space where kids could be themselves, play sports and games, and create summer memories to last a lifetime. In that first summer, there were 30 campers. Each of these campers was treated as an individual and the counselors, including Brent Weiss and Bobby Hamm, took the time to get to know each individual camper. In the ensuing years, Iverbe has worked hard to stay true to this initial mission of creating a space for kids and counselors to be themselves, have fun, and build relationships. As the camp grew from one location to three, the relationship building at each site remained central to the work being done at Iverbe. Over the years, campers grew into counselors in training (CITs) who then became counselors and even some became directors. It is this evolution of the campers becoming the counselors that has allowed Iverbe to stay true to its original core values of Playing, Connecting, and Growing. Children’s love language is Play and at Iverbe, by playing with our campers, we get to know them. We know that what children need is a place to be free of worry and that is what Iverbe has to offer. We continue to create spaces that allow for this freedom with our Camps, Iverbe After School Programs, Enrichment Classes, and Events. 


Marc Weiss

Marc Weiss grew up in West Los Angeles and has been involved in the westside sports scene working with kids for over 30 years. Marc started at Cheviot Hills Recreation Center where he worked as a counselor in the summer sports camp. In 1994, Marc was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds while attending California Lutheran University. After Marc finished his professional baseball career, he returned to Cheviot Hills Recreation Center where he became the Director of Youth Sports. In addition, Marc spent two years coaching basketball at St. Monica’s High School. Currently, Marc is the Director of Athletics and head of the Physical Education Department at The Willows Community School where he has worked for the past 27 years.

Brent Weiss

Brent Weiss graduated from California State Long Beach with a B.A. in Sociology in 2003. While growing up in Beverlywood, Brent was involved in all the local youth sports as well as the summer day camps. As an adult, Brent has been working with kids for 23 years. Brent has volunteered as a coach and worked as a camp counselor at Cheviot Hills Recreation Center in West Los Angeles, California. From 2001 through 2003, Brent worked as the Head Counselor at Canyon Creek Sports Camp. Currently, Brent is a Maker teacher at The Willows, where he has taught for the last 21 years.

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