CIT Program

Iverbe CIT Program

Boys and Girls Grades 9th-11th
Ages 14-16

Mandatory CIT Training: Thursday, May 30th from 6-7:30pm at The Willows Community School

Cost: $100 a week (Lunch is Included)

The Iverbe CIT Program is a way to bridge the gap between being a camper at Iverbe and a counselor. Iverbe CITs gain tools in leadership and responsibility and can also earn community service hours for high school. Iverbe’s best CITs often become counselors. In order to become a CIT, you must write us a short letter on why you would like to be a CIT at Iverbe and email it to Bobby at along with the session or sessions you would like to register for. Once you are chosen you must register online like a camper and put CIT in the grade section and pay the necessary fee ($100/week). There will be a limit on how many weeks you can CIT due to such high demand. All CIT’s must attend the mandatory CIT training held before the beginning of the summer.

CITs have two primary responsibilities. The first responsibility is to support the counselor. The second responsibility is to play with the campers. All CITs are assigned to a group. Assisting the counselors includes setting up games, getting equipment, counting to make sure they have all their campers, getting to know their campers, and being involved in all activities throughout the day.

CITs are extensions of the counselors. They are NOT in charge of the group. They are at camp to support the counselor and ensure a successful day for the group. They are also there to play all the games that the counselor has planned.

CITs serve as role models for their campers. They must remember to continually set a good example for all campers at Iverbe.

If you are interested in becoming a CIT, please sign up like they were a camper for your desired location and make sure to choose “CIT” under the grade section.

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